National Nurses Week: A Conversation with Añuli CoFounder Rishea Casselle

National Nurses Week: A Conversation with Añuli CoFounder Rishea Casselle

In honor of National Nurses Week, we sat down with our co-founder and COO, Rishea Casselle, to talk about all things nursing and how it’s impacted her life today. 

Who or what inspired you to become a nurse?

My older sister, Jocelynn, inspired me to pursue nursing. I have three older sisters I look up to, but I emulated her the most. My parents were supportive of my career choice. While I didn't have a deep-rooted reason for becoming a nurse, I knew I loved working with children and had a plan for my nursing career. Graduate…work in pediatrics…become a nurse practitioner with my own practice. I laugh because my career didn't follow that exact path, but the journey has worked out beautifully.

Where did you go to Nursing school and what was that experience like?

I am a graduate of Howard University’s College of Nursing, and Allied Health Sciences. Attending HU was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ended too quickly. I was immersed in a cultural experience that I didn't have growing up. It was fun and eye-opening. However, nursing school was challenging; I was accepted to a program with approximately 3000 applicants, and only 40 or fewer were selected each year. The rigorous and challenging curriculum set the foundation for me to become the nurse I am today. 

What is your favorite aspect of Nursing?

The relationships I’ve formed through my nursing career. I have special, heartfelt memories from each job I’ve held as a nurse. My experiences were always centered around the people I connected with and worked with. Having a great team, especially an interdisciplinary team, makes a difference in the healthcare we provide. 

What is your least favorite aspect of Nursing?

The politics, not only in nursing but in healthcare overall, …from the de-prioritization of patient care to unreasonable and unsafe nursing practices. Nurses make up a large majority of healthcare. One of my lifelong wishes is for nurses to recognize this, unite, and use their power to spark change for our patients and ourselves. 

What is your most memorable Nursing moment?

This is a tough one! It’s hard to extract one specific memory from a career of 10+ years. However, I would say being a travel/contract nurse stands out. I’ve spent time in the West and Southwest regions. I had the chance to work with new patient demographics and understand the disparities they face in different regions of the country. It was also an opportunity to explore new cities and meet new people who have become special to me. Although I was nervous about going alone, I decided to take the opportunity when it presented itself. It was too good to pass up! The timing was perfect. It was amazing to travel solo and have the best experiences. The experience empowered me and boosted my confidence as a nurse. 

How has Nursing played a role in building Añuli?

Nursing has played an integral role in building Añuli. First and foremost, Añuli is skincare rooted in science. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, yet skincare is not recognized enough as healthcare. In my experience practicing several specialties in nursing, almost every disease process will and can be reflected through the skin. The skin is like the check engine light for the body. Building Añuli was a materialization of my practical knowledge and my respect for clinically tested science. It’s my mission to offer expert guidance in health and skincare to empower others to find the best solutions for their skin and complexion.